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The latest addition to the Kowa EQUIP accessory range - A luxury neoprene stay-on case specially designed for the TSN-553.

Swarovski 20-60x Eyepiece

Be prepared for any activity in any weather with lightweight, precision eyepieces from SWAROVSKI OPTIK

Manfrotto 500 Pro Fluid Video Head with Flat Base

The Manfrotto 500 Pro Fluid Video Head with Flat Base is a lightweight head with large platform base and is suitable for HDSLRs weighing no more than 5kg. The side lock system allows the camera and sliding QR (Quick Release) plate to click quickly into the head from above, instead of needing to be aligned and slid in from the back. The 500 has a pre-set counterbalance of 2.4kg, but is able to support equipment of up to 5kg. The 500 has one Easy Link 3/8" connector to allow an external monitor or other accessory equipment to be fitted. The Manfrotto 500 is the successor to the 701HDV video head.

Manfrotto XPRO Fluid Head

The new XPRO fluid head is be the best choice for photographers wanting to start shooting videos to expand their creativity. It’s also the best fit for birdwatchers who are using lightweight scopes to observe wildlife and digiscoping through an additional camera and need fluid heads that move constantly. • Professional Fluid Drag System on PAN and TILT movements • Adjustable fluidity on TILT movement • Quick release plate for the fastest camera connection and set up • Flat base for multiple tripod connections • Leveling bubble for easy setup

Nikon T2 mount

This is an adaptor which simply allows you to fit telescope style T2 lenses to your NIKON film or digital camera. It should be compatible with any camera that accepts nikon lens mount, including DSLRs, so long as they have a "manual" mode, since T2 lenses don't have any automation inside them.

RSPB 19x / 26x eyepiece

19x (AG60) or 26x (AG80) eyepiece to fit the popular AG range of scopes from the RSPB

RSPB 82 HD Stay on Case

Made from a durable and padded material to the highest standards.

RSPB binocular leather case 32/36mm

Soft leather binocular case will fit 32/36 objective binoculars.

RSPB Contour strap

Woven fabric binocular strap with countoured neoprene section.

RSPB Hide Clamp

The RSPB hide clamp has been specially designed for ease of use in a bird hide. Fast and easy to setup with a high quality finish and appearance, the clamp takes up much less space in a hide than a tripod and the lightweight design make it easy it carry. It can be used with a variety of cameras and video equipment making it extremely versatile.

RSPB quick release strap

Woven fabric binocular strap with wide neoprene central section.

RSPB quick release strap – compact

Woven fabric binocular strap with neoprene central section for use with compact binoculars.

Swarovski AR-S adapter ring for ATS/STS, ATM/STM, STR

The VPA variable phone adapter connects your smartphone to SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars and spotting scopes so that you can take extraordinary photos and videos to keep and share.

Swarovski AR-S adapter ring for ATX/STX

The Swarovski AR-S Adapter Ring for ATX/STX scopes is designed to be used with the Swarovski VPA Variable Phone Adapter. This adapter will allow you to place your Smartphone straight on to an ATX/STX spotting scope.

Swarovski CTH compact tripod head

Enhance your viewing experience with tripods and tripod heads from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Select the right model for when you’re on the move or in particularly difficult conditions or terrains. They are all made of top-quality carbon and offer outstanding stability. And their impressive comfort means that you can enjoy hours observing, filming, or digiscoping the beauty of nature.

Swarovski VPA variable phone adapter

The Swarovski VPA Phone Adapter allows you to connect your smartphone with a range of Swarovski ATX/STX/ATS/STS/AT & STM scopes. You will be able to use this adapter for iOS or Andriod devices. The appropriate adapter ring for binoculars or spotting scopes is available separately.

Rick Young Basic Ultra-light Bino Harness

There are several suspension systems on the market today for binoculars and range finders but none like this one. The idea of having your bino's readily accessible is a good one, but traditional suspension systems are bulky and they stretch out and sag. The USA made shock cord does not get soft and lose its elastic strength or memory. The shock cord grips or hugs your body and transfers the weight of your binoculars equally around your shoulder and chest without digging into your skin or body. Unlike the wide flat strap harnesses our round cord will not vibrate or flutter in the wind. Fast single point adjustment allows you to quickly fit the harness to your change of clothing. Never again will your binos be down at your belt line.

Viking Bino s’port

The Viking Binocular Support Harness is an ideal elasticated strap system, offering you increased comfort when carrying binoculars.

Viking Binocular rainguard large

The Viking universal binocular rain guard is a protective cover designed to sit over and protect the eyepiece lenses on binoculars.

Viking Binocular rainguard small

The Viking universal binocular rain guard is a protective cover designed to sit over and protect the eyepiece lenses on binoculars.