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Swarovski 115mm Objective – 30-70x


115mm objective module

The 115-mm objective module raises the bar with the largest lenses on the market. This gives you a crucial benefit, particularly at dawn and dusk. Now you can see things others miss.

Swarovski BTX Binocular module

New from Swarovski the BTX binocular eyepiece is designed to work with the existing modular telescope system with either the 65mm, 85mm and 95mm objective modules. The Swarovski BTX combines the benefits of a telescope and binoculars making viewing over longer periods more relaxed.Magnifiactions are 30x with the 65mm and 85mm objective and 35x with the 95mmMagnifications with the additional ME 1.7x extender are 50x with the 65mm and 85mm and 60x with 95mm.Fully waterproof to 4m

Swarovski Stay On Case for BTX Module

The perfectly compatible SOC stay-on case protects the BTX eyepiece module from major impact, such as knocks. This does not restrict its handling.