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Peak 2028 Light Scale Loupe 10X

Original price was: £119.50.Current price is: £47.50.
Peak Light Scale Loupe with light 10x. Widely known as a simple and accurate comparator with improved inspection capabilities.The 2028 combines the Peak 1983 with a flash light for easy viewing.Peak Scale Loupe 10X has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring.

Peak Scale Lupe 10x 1983

Original price was: £79.95.Current price is: £45.00.
This 10x Peak Loupe has four coated, achromatic glass lenses (two groups of two elements) that virtually eliminate colour aberration and offer extremely sharp clarity; a super smooth focusing ring; a clear skirt; and a removable photo-printed reticule at the base. This is one of the finest loupes you can buy. Provided with a snap-lock carrying case. Available with a standard removable reticule (or scale) featuring a cross-hair in millimetres on the horizontal plane or a #14 reticule scale, featuring a cross-hair with both inch and millimetres on the horizontal plane, zero-centred, with scale divisions of .005" and 0.1mm. Both printed in black. Lens Diameter: 3/4"Viewing Area: 1 1/4"Overall Size: 1 3/4 x 1 1/2".

Viking Pocket magnifier Aplanatic 20mm 10x magnification

Original price was: £27.50.Current price is: £17.50.
Sometimes described as jewellers loupes, these High Power folding magnifiers are used for the close inspection of such items as circuit boards, hallmarks, stamps, watermarks and precious stones. Of very compact size, the lenses of these robust magnifiers are protected by revolving into the metal cover. Frequently used by gemologists, jewellers, stamp collectors, coin collectors, collectors of antiques bearing hallmarks, geologists and botanists, these magnifiers have a multitude of applications. Made in Japan.