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Kasper & Richter Alexandria Compass with Sun Dial

A brass compass with sun dial supplied in a wooden presentation box.

Kasper & Richter Amalfi brass compass

Heavy brass compass in a wooden display box

Kasper & Richter Havanna compass

63mm diameter brass compass with 4 quadrants of 90ŒÁ divisions. A handmade and unique compass with jeweled bearing and a cloth covered base.

Kasper & Richter Panama Sundial

Handmade & unique solid brass nautical sundial with compass. Featuring a foldaway needle and scale with jewelled bearing and spirit level.

Kasper & Richter San Jose compass with magnifier


Compass with magnifier. Nostalgic and robust brass finish.

Kasper & Richter San Juan compass

Small maritime desk compass. Nostalgic and robust metal finish.

Kasper & Richter Ventura Sextant

A navigational aid measuring the altitude of the sun or other celestrial body to determine your geographical position.

Kasper & Richter Tobago compass

Nostalgic compass and Sundial with pocket watch-style flip-cover.

Kasper & Richter Trinidad compass

A fully functional gift, sighting mirror compass