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Peak Anastigmat Loupe 4x

Anastigmatic magnifiers are the ideal tool for all applications requiring a large field of view in addition to perfectly distortion-free, true-colour images. The scales are contained in a plastic ring and can be removed simply. These magnifiers are coated to prevent reflection.

Peak Puncher & Holder

A convenient accessory to be fitted to 8x Lupe and is used for viewing and checking 35mm developed film and colour slides. You can depress the puncher to give a v-shaped cut to the film perforation whilst viewing the film.

Viking Cleaning Blower

This item is designed to allow you to blow away larger items such as grit or dirt from your camera or binocular lenses. It can be ideally used instead of a brush in situations where there are sharp objects (small stones) which if brushed or wiped could scratch the surface. Alternatively the air blower can also be used to clear particles from hard to reach areas of a device.

Viking lens cleaning kit

Our standard cleaning kit comes with all the essentials. Kit contains a 30ml bottle of cleaner fluid, micro fibre cleaning cloth and cleaning brush.

Viking microfibre cloth – large

This micro fibre cleaning cloth is large in size (39.5cm x 35cm) making it ideal for use with a wide variety of different devices from camera lenses and binoculars to tablets and even monitor screens.

Viking professional cleaning kit

A specialist lens cleaning kit that includes tools designed to safely and thoroughly clean sensitive glass surfaces. Kit contains a 100ml bottle of cleaner fluid, micro fibre cleaning cloth / bag, cleaning brush and air blower.