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Viking 2X Desk Magnifier – Swan Neck 89mm

A well constructed magnifier that is both flexible and versatile in application. A heavy cast metal base keeps the magnifier stable and in place, freeing up both hands for use. A flexible chrome plated arm allows you to position the magnifier in any position required. The lens is made from coated glass and provides 2x magnification, giving a good working distance. This magnifier is ideally suited to a number of different uses including - model making, jewellers, knitting, reading and any other application where detailed viewing is required.

Peak Light Loupe 3.5x

Simple, handy magnifier with illumination for reading cards, drawings, etc.

Peak Loupe 15x

A useful magnifier with a coated achromatic lens composed of a 2 component, 3 element construction.

Peak Loupe 22x

A high grade, powerful magnifier with a coated achromatic lens composed of a 2-component, 3-element construction.

Peak Loupe 5x

A very practical magnifier, with an acrylic tube, for use by the whole family.

Peak Puncher & Holder

A convenient accessory to be fitted to 8x Lupe and is used for viewing and checking 35mm developed film and colour slides. You can depress the puncher to give a v-shaped cut to the film perforation whilst viewing the film.