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Swarovski Bino Suspender Pro

Carrying harness for Swarovski EL Field Pro binoculars, will also work with earlier EL versions and the SLC range.

Swarovski LCSP Lift Carrying Strap Pro

Swarovski LCSP Lift Carrying Strap PRO. The lift carrying strap pro can be quickly adjusted to any length. Keep the strap short for optimum wear while walking or lengthen to ensure plenty of comfort and freedom to move when resting. If desired, the lift carrying strap pro can also be worn diagonally over one shoulder – a popular choice especially for those on safaris. Suitable for all new EL and EL Range.EXTRA CARRYING COMFORT Innovative accessories that are perfectly tailored to these binoculars enhance the functionality of your equipment. Apart from being user-friendly, harmonious design also plays a key role. Our accessories offer you all kinds of useful add-ons, allowing you to tailor your SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars to your personal needs.

Swarovski UCS Universal Comfort Strap

Swarovski Universal Comfort Strap. The UCS universal comfort strap prevents fatigue thanks to its ergonomic design and wide neck section. Whatever the weather, your comfort is ensured through the use of high-performance materials. The UCS universal comfort strap can be quickly and intuitively adjusted to the length you need via a quick-lock clasp on each side. Suitable for all NL Pure, EL, and EL Range binoculars with FieldPro package.

Swarovski UCS-R Comfort Carrying Strap

Extra carrying comfortSpecially developed for the EL Range, the comfort carrying strap fits all EL and SLC binoculars. The wide carrying strap features a durable outer material and the proven adjustment mechanism of the lift carrying strap. It also has two pockets, which could be used to hold replacement batteries for the EL Range or the SWAROVSKI OPTIK moist cleaning cloth.

Viking Contour Binocular Strap

Viking Premium contour neoprene binocular strap. Made in Germany

ZEISS Binocular Comfort Carrying Strap Harness

The comfort carrying strap from ZEISS ensures that your binoculars are always exactly where you need them: around your neck and on your chest. Its special features include easy, practical fixation of the binoculars and outstanding wearing comfort. Compared to simple carrying straps, the new strap from ZEISS allows you to carry your binoculars in total comfort. It is made of high-quality materials and feels pleasant on your skin

RSPB quick release strap

Woven fabric binocular strap with wide neoprene central section.

RSPB quick release strap – compact

Original price was: £15.95.Current price is: £5.00.
Woven fabric binocular strap with neoprene central section for use with compact binoculars.

Rick Young Basic Ultra-light Bino Harness

There are several suspension systems on the market today for binoculars and range finders but none like this one. The idea of having your bino's readily accessible is a good one, but traditional suspension systems are bulky and they stretch out and sag. The USA made shock cord does not get soft and lose its elastic strength or memory. The shock cord grips or hugs your body and transfers the weight of your binoculars equally around your shoulder and chest without digging into your skin or body. Unlike the wide flat strap harnesses our round cord will not vibrate or flutter in the wind. Fast single point adjustment allows you to quickly fit the harness to your change of clothing. Never again will your binos be down at your belt line.

Rick Young Harness Connection Straps

Our straps are designed for connecting your binocular to a split ring. Most binocular lugs are made of an alloy (magnesium) that holds up to the split ring wear or friction. However some folks get concerned for the anodized coating on the binocular lug. Our strap will prevent visual wear on the lug. The less hardware you use with your binocular harness the less swing you will experience.  Our strap is very short, which is to the users advantage in controlling the swing.Breaking point is 40 lbs with one strap.  A pair of straps broke at 80 pounds. These straps are robust and will serve you for many years.A single order comes with 2 straps

Rick Young Harness Extra clips / split rings

Extra Male/Female clips are ideal for the person who has more than one pair of binoculars/cameras and want the ability to inter change thier items with the harness.  This saves time and is a home run with our users at a fraction of the cost as compared to buying a harness for each item they wish to supportWith each single order you receive a set of 2 clips male/female and nickel coated split rings

Viking Binocular Harness

The Viking Binocular Harness is an ideal  strap system, offering you increased comfort when carrying binoculars.

Viking Fabric binocular strap

The Viking fabric binocular strap is made from a woven fabric with a wider central section for greater comfort.

Viking Neoprene Binocular Lanyard-Black

The Viking Neoprene Binocular Strap is made from woven fabric with a neoprene central section for greater comfort.

Viking quick release strap

Woven fabric binocular strap with wide neoprene central section.