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Leica Trinovid: “We are proud of this proof of quality”

The new Trinovid binoculars from Leica pay tribute to the iconic glass of the 1960s: Shapely, slim and elegant in a classic binocular design featuring black leather, they are a statement and a timeless accessory.

The Trinovid HD family of binoculars first went into series production in 1958. The name stands for “three new features” (Tri Novitäten): ergonomic design, true internal focusing and the very highest optical performance. The construction of the Leica Trinovid was a milestone in the binocular market. The internal focusing of the lens passages resulted in an almost dust- and waterproof pair of binoculars, which already stood out at that time due to its excellent optics. Last but not least, compact dimensions and a timeless, elegant design helped make the Leica Trinovid family a success.


The precise, powerful optics of the compact and extremely rugged binoculars not only convinced users, but also, eleven years after its first edition, won over the American space agency NASA. On the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 – the first moon landing – the astronauts took a Trinovid 10×40 along. The special monocular (customized for weight and size reasons) made history as the “Eye of Apollo”.

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