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Global Big Day – 8th May 2021

Following on from the fantastic success of the inaugural Global Bird Weekend, we, as the Viking Flyway Birding Team are very happy to announce our participation in the latest worldwide conservation fund raising event brought to you by the indefatigable team of Tim Appleton and Penny Robinson.

This and the October 2020 event, really chimes with Viking Optical as the Global Big Day is so much more than a fundraising vehicle. It is inclusive – anyone can take part from anywhere in the world and any level of interest and experience. No longer the preserve of elite birders and globetrotters, this event is low carbon too and we can get fully behind that!

On Saturday 8th May join us and thousands of others as we celebrate the miracle of bird migration by recording as many species as we can whilst raising funds and awareness to protect vulnerable migrating birds as they undertake their epic and perilous journeys.

We are proud to be able to count on the help and support of our partners, ambassadors, customers and friends to not only participate but spread the word and share the love of migration.

If you feel inspired to take part or help us raise money for the cause you can find out more at where you will find out everything you need to know about the big day and how to sign up.

Please join us – we value all contributions!

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