Affordable Quality with Viking Optical

We have been one of the leading independent UK optical importers for over 30 years now and our ethos has been very simple – affordable quality.

The boom in environmental interest and the desire to get out and experience it first hand (or ‘Springwatch effect’ as it’s affectionately known here) has seen the sales of essential wildlife viewing kit such as binoculars rise steadily.

High quality instruments were out of the reach of many people but we have always prided ourselves in sourcing good value for money optics at price points anyone can afford.

This has culminated recently in our new ‘falcon’ range of binoculars and ‘swallow’ telescopes.

Viking Merlin ED
Swallow 65mm & 80mm Telescopes

The Kestrel binocular represented a revolution in the quality of glass available at the price point. ED glass (extra-low dispersion – a dense optical glass which refracts light less), once the preserve of very expensive models, was now made eminently affordable to much critical success. Our falcon models are now used by enthusiasts and fieldworkers from the UK, Spain, and even as far afield as Peru!

Viking Kestrel ED Binocular
Viking Peregrine Binocular

Building upon this, in 2019 we launched the Swallow 65mm and 80mm telescopes at a price point less than the cost of the case for some top of the range telescopes! 

Viking Swallow Telescope

We continue to innovate and look for solutions for people on a budget. In the fast-changing world of ‘digiscoping’ we decided early on that we wanted to make this as accessible as possible to all. Cue the Viking Smartphone Adapter which fits practically any telescope and smartphone combination!

Viking Smartphone Adapter

Whatever your level of interest and budget, Viking Optical wants you to Extend Your Horizons!

Virtual Birdfair 18th-23rd August 2020

The name Viking Optical has been synonymous with Birdfair for the past 16 iterations of this world-famous event and proudly so!

It was with great sadness and disappointment we learned the fateful news that this wonderful event would have to be cancelled due to the terrible pandemic.

Funding for conservation has suffered very badly during the subsequent lockdown and it is very heartening to see that the Birdfair will indeed go ahead albeit in Virtual form!

We must applaud the organisers for making a Birdfair which will be recognisable for its mix of inspirational talks, exhibitors from exotic birding destinations and array of vendors selling any and all types of birding associated paraphernalia you care to mention!

We’re sure you’ll join is in making this a great success and look forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones in 2021!

Viking Optical – Partners in Conservation

If there is one thing which underpins the work we do, it is a desire to put something back into the very thing which sustains our sector, namely the environment.

It is a source of great satisfaction to know that we not only help people enjoy wildlife through the supply of essential viewing kit such as binoculars and telescopes but more importantly, contribute to the welfare of these animals and their homes through our many partnerships.

For over 25 years we have worked alongside our partners at RSPB and Birdlife International as not only optics suppliers, where profits from sales are ploughed back into vital conservation and habitat projects, but also in helping to fund individual species recovery and habitat creation directly.

In more recent years the scope and variety of our involvement has grown and extended its reach geographically. We are now optics partners with Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, SEO Birdlife in Spain, LPO Birdlife partner in France and also provide optical support to ethical and award-winning wildlife tourism companies who offer excellent wildlife experiences with an emphasis on sound environmental practice and involvement in large scale conservation issues.

It is incredibly heartening to see the commitment of next generation of naturalists and conservationists and we have been privileged to be able to provide optics to help encourage young people in the pursuit of their ambitions.

Finally, we are very proud to be in a position to loan optics to many public viewing facilities where people can experience the amazing spectacle of e.g. an urban Peregrine Falcon in a city centre to the majestic sight of a White-tailed Eagle on a Scottish Island.

Viking Optical, bugs, blooms, or birding, we’re with you in the field!

Swarovski NL Pure

8×42 – 10×42 – 12×42

Available from 01/09/20



The largest-ever field of view with almost indiscernible edges allows you to experience nature as never before– and immerse yourself in the moment.   



The NL Pure has been designed to fit perfectly into your hand. Its revolutionary ergonomic shape guarantees relaxed viewing, even for longer periods.



SWAROVISION technology guarantees stunning images with incredible color fidelity, making it easy to identify every single detail.



The forehead rest guarantees hours of observation comfort – ideal for maximum magnification.

Leica Trinovid: “We are proud of this proof of quality”

The new Trinovid binoculars from Leica pay tribute to the iconic glass of the 1960s: Shapely, slim and elegant in a classic binocular design featuring black leather, they are a statement and a timeless accessory.

The Trinovid HD family of binoculars first went into series production in 1958. The name stands for “three new features” (Tri Novitäten): ergonomic design, true internal focusing and the very highest optical performance. The construction of the Leica Trinovid was a milestone in the binocular market. The internal focusing of the lens passages resulted in an almost dust- and waterproof pair of binoculars, which already stood out at that time due to its excellent optics. Last but not least, compact dimensions and a timeless, elegant design helped make the Leica Trinovid family a success.


The precise, powerful optics of the compact and extremely rugged binoculars not only convinced users, but also, eleven years after its first edition, won over the American space agency NASA. On the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 – the first moon landing – the astronauts took a Trinovid 10×40 along. The special monocular (customized for weight and size reasons) made history as the “Eye of Apollo”.